Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We, MRG Market respect privacy. We would like to inform users of the site about how to collect, share, and protect personal information.  Every time you deal with MRG Market through our physical stores or through our website and use one of our services, you will make sure that you agree to use the information collected or sent as included in the privacy policy text. The protection and preservation of your personal information is very important to us and we would like you to feel confident that your information will always be kept and secure with us.

The Privacy Policy applies to all information collected through MRG Market website. We do our best to serve our customers in the best possible way and ensure that personal information is kept secure. We will ensure that information is kept confidential as it is one of our priorities.

The Terms of Privacy Policy explain how and why we collect personal information in order to manage your accounts and to conduct your transactions with MRG Market.


How to Collect Information

In this section, we will let you know what information we collect from you when you use our services and what kind of personally identifiable information we receive from the source. With this information, we will be able to provide the services required by you correctly. This information is essentially required to execute and complete your requests operational tasks and marketing activities.

We collect information about your use of a site using cookies, web beacons, and login information. We use all that information to develop operations on the site, and each time we conduct a comprehensive review of our users' activities on the website. This makes your access and filtering of the site safer and easier.

  1. Text files are very small, placed on your computer by the web server we use to confirm the identity of our users when they perform any operations on our websites and to display information that corresponds to your interests and preferences.
  2. We often use site signals with cookies. They are used to learn and follow the user's activities on our website. Especially about the time spent by the user on each page, where we will be able to prepare reviews and reports on the percentage of site visits, the number of new visitors, as well as all other operational data.
  3. Login information includes location requirements, operating system, search engine information, user request date and time, and cookies that are known about the search engine.
  4. We use the IP address to analyze trends, manage the site, follow our users' browsing and obtain geographic information for operational work.

Your personal data may be obtained when dealing with MRG in the following cases:

  1. When you register to order a service if it is in the physical store or on the website.
  2. When you shop online on our website. Browse our site, or when you use our phone app.  
  3. When you use purchase vouchers and printed or digital coupons.
  4. When you communicate with us, when we communicate with you or when you join any of our offers, competitions, questionnaires, and product reviews about our services.

When you perform any operation on the site, we will collect personally identifiable information that may include

  • First and last names, email, contact information (phone number,pincode)
  • Demographic information (e.g., age, gender, job, educational level, address)
  • Personal favorites and interests.
  • Your opinion about services, products, features on the website.

We may also collect the following information:

  • The pages you have visited.
  • The links you clicked on.
  • How many times have you visited the page.
  • The items you have reviewed and added to your purchase basket or favorites list.

Other websites you opened while browsing our website.


How We Use Information Data

The use of personal data may occur in the following circumstances depending on the product, service and procedure between the user and MRG.


Transactions and Operations:

  • Order purchases and enable sales, processing and confirmation of payment and responding to requests, as well as providing payment invoices online and in physical stores.
  • Customer services management, processing and assistance with payment issues, product return, compensation and other day-to-day processes related to permeability.
  • Order the messaging service which includes order management, billing, customer service development and communication with customers about subscription to the service, and displaying products and services.
  • Responding to requests fromthefinancial, logistics, legal, and general management processes.  
  • Determine the transaction through which information is collected as defined by law.
  • Protecting from fraudulent transactions and following up illegal transactions that are made to protect our customers and business.


Digital Marketing and Social Media Sites

  • We send promotional campaigns, questionnaires, new products, website features, services or an update on our privacy and usage policy through our official marketing channels such as text messages, email, and social media accounts, where we make messages in a way that automatically sends personalized messages in accordance with the customer's interests and preferences (if he is subscribed to the service).
  • Purchase vouchers, mobile purchase slips, newsletters, in-store billing messages, emails, social media alerts, prize draw management, and all kinds of contests in physical stores or on our digital platforms.
  • Respond to request information about products and services in our physical stores, on the website, on the phone app, by communicating with the customer by calling, emailing, digital store, or via social media accounts for related communications, transactions and questions.


Third-Party Detection

We disclose personal information to organizations and companies that perform required service procedures such as delivery companies that deliver our products to customers and other entities that require information in order to provide professional services related to our website. We are committed not to sell, publish or pass any personal information except in very special cases complying with subpoenas, court orders, requests from legal authorities, law enforcement agencies that require disclosure of such information. Our website takes all necessary precautions to protect users' information. When we receive any sensitive information via the website, be confident that it will be kept and protected online or effectively in our stores.

Social Media Sites

We manage channels, accounts and social media pages in order to communicate with our valued customers. We also monitor and record comments and publications posted on these accounts so that we can develop our services.

MRG Market has given up any information posted on these accounts except those we publish ourselves.

We do not support any information posted on social media accounts by a third party.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google and LinkedIn may use data on websites for their own purposes. Especially for the marketing processes of their platforms and for the development of communication on these sites. This includes targeting your account with ads that suit your interests.


Your Rights and Access to Information


All information we collect is available on our customers' databases. All information is available online on your account and you can access it at any time.


We would like to let you know that regarding your personal data, you have the following rights as described below.

  • Request to correct or modify the personal data we have about you. The validity of the information you would like to update or add by you, so that we can do what is necessary and that the procedures comply with our accuracy policy.
  • Request a scan of personal data, you may request a scan or removal of personal data as we have no reasons to process this data. In special cases, we may not be able to respond to your request to scan the data for specific legal reasons, which you will be notified if this occurs when you request.
  • When you rely on the interest of your project regarding your specific case, you ask that your data not be processed if it affects your freedom and fundamental rights.
  • Request to restrict the processing of your personal data. In such cases, if you make a successful request to restrict the processing of your personal information. We will stop processing or if you would like to stop all services and stop our accounts by submitting legal reasons so that we can clear the account and all the relevant data.

Other Data Protection Rights


Regarding your personal information, you have the right to demand a halt to any direct marketing. You can also request that you stop using any personal information for direct marketing reasons. And we're going to stop sending such calls.



There are many instances where you can request that the use of your personal data be restricted, in the event of a public arrest request based on the above provisions. If you are assured of the validity of your personal information with us in the databases. We used the data incorrectly. You can file a complaint with the Data Protection Regulatory Authority, and you also have the right to complain about how we use your personal data.


 Withdrawal/Suspension Policy


Once you have decided to stop receiving communications, please let us know about the services and products for which you would like to stop receiving communications. Then press the "don't subscribe" button at the end of the email text until your removal from campaign mail lists is approved. As for text messages, please reply to the message by sending the four-digit cancellation number in the text of the message.



Evaluations and Reviews

You agree that you are the sole author and owner of the account from which the ratings and reviews you send on the website, you are responsible for the intellectual property rights of all types of digital content related to what you post. You agree that you will not publish any false, incorrect, or misleading information. MRG Market has every right to delete or refuse to publish the publication for any of the reasons mentioned above.

Anti-Fraud Statement

MRG market has been notified of a number of fraudulent activities circulating in a number of locations. Through phone calls, text messages, email are all about prizes, promotions, recruitment, investment and money transfer. If you have received or noticed this information and communication, please contact us. We invite you to beware of these calls and messages inviting you to receive your prize from MRG and asking you to send your bank account details. We do not request such information from our customers.

MRG announces the winners in a list of physical stores or on social media, while our recruitment procedures are conducted through our Human Resource team or through one of our accredited recruitment companies and agencies. If you receive any suspicious communications or fraudulent offers, please contact us at mmrgcenter@gmail.com


Contact Us and Complaints

If you want more details about our privacy policy. Or if you have a complaint about our management of your personal information. Please send a message to mmrgcenter@gmail.com email we will be happy to contact you and help you resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Determining Responsibility

Under any circumstances, including but not limited to negligence, MRG is responsible for any indirect or private damages resulting from the use or inability to use, but not limited to, information, material on the page, page content, page code, customer or software services.  We say that there is no fully secure web page or Internet connection, and as such, MRG will not be responsible for any indirect, private, typical or consequential damage sought by unauthorized access, piracy, data loss, data damage or any other breach that may occur.



Once you have accessed the MRG page, all users, persons or third parties agree and are responsible for their conduct on the site and the pages without damage, loss or damage to the MRG website. In the event of any damage or damage, MRG will have the right to take appropriate legal action to identify the persons concerned and to seek compensation for all losses, costs, fees, including costs related to legal proceedings. Or any damage that may occur as a result of misuse of the site or page and the consequent impact on MRG.




Any disputes or disputes arising in relation to this privacy policy are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Kuwait.